Regulation 13, Complaint do’s & Dont’s.

nhs complaint handling legislation and standards flag professional behaviour from the pen of

The organisation complained about must:

▶️ Confirm they have received the complaint within 3 working days of being made aware of the complaint.

▶️ Either verbally or in writing.

▶️ They should offer to discuss to discuss your complaint with you. At a time that suits you.

➡️ You do not have to discuss the complaint before it has been investigated. 

This discussion should include:

➡️ How your complaint going to be investigated.
➡️ How often they will update you on the progress of your complaint.
➡️ When the investigation report of the complaint is likely to be sent to you. ( Regulation 14(2).)

➡️ The date they expect the report to be complete and the date you receive the report are different. To prevent limbo uncertainty and anxiety. Make sure you pin them down to a written date you will receive the report.

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