Regulation 14 More Complaint do’s & dont’s.

1️⃣ The organisation investigation and response must:
▶️ resolve the complaint quickly and efficiently.
▶️ keep you informed, of the progress. Either in writing or by phone.

2️⃣ All complaints should be completed within 6 months of the day the complaint was received.

▶️ Extra time can be agreed between you and the organisation before the original 6 months is up.

3️⃣ When the investigation is complete: You must you be sent a signed and written copy. 

▶️ With an explanation of how the complaint has been investigated.
▶️ the conclusion/s of the complaint, including
▶️ any lessons learned and/or action/s taken to stop this happening again.

▶️ The letter must let you know that if you are unhappy, you can ask the Parliamentary & Health Service Ombuds (PHSO) to investigate further.

4️⃣ Amendments 2009,

▶️ investigate efficiently;
▶️ properly investigated;
▶️ you are treated with respect and courtesy;
▶️ You receive help to contact your local advocacy service. These services differ from borough to borough but it is likely to be either:

▶️ Healthwatch or

▶️ Npowher.

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