Fit & Proper Person CEO Regulation.

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1️⃣ Regulation 5 is the Fit & Proper Person Regulation. And for a CEO’s of an NHS Body/Regulator they must display certain characteristics that make them a Fit and Proper Person. These behaviours are called the Nolan Principles of public life.

To be. Fit and Proper Person to hold public office you must be:
▶️ Selflessness and act act in the public interest. They should not hold this office for financial gain and/or other benefits for themselves, their family and friends.
▶️ Integrity. They should not place themselves in a position where they have an obligation to anybody or company.
▶️ Be Objective in all of their dealings and make all decisions in the best interest of the public.
▶️ Be Accountable, to the public.
▶️ Be Open and give reasons for all the decisions and actions they take.
▶️ Be Honest and take steps to resolve any conflicts of public interest.
▶️ Have Leadership qualities and lead and example.

2️⃣ How to complain?

If you feel the CEO or Board member is not compliant with the Nolan Principles, then write or email the CQC. Outlining with examples which of the Nolan Principles the CEO or board member breached which makes them an unfit person to hold this office.

▶️ To find out how to contact the CQC, click here

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