How the queen of complaints became the Ink Warrior Queen

As i was always good at complaining, my friends used to refer to me as the Queen of complaints. Until I met the gold medal Olympians – the NHS complaints department team. Oh how naive I was.

My nightmare began when I fell down a flight of stairs. It took the hospital four days to diagnose the dislocation on the left side of my foot. They tried to manually manipulate the joint between the bones back together. This made a small dislocation into a huge dislocation.

The medic panicked and asked his supervisor to write a letter expressing their concerns about the severe injury that had taken four days to diagnose.

The hospital planned to pull the dislocation back together and realign the ankle bone. They forgot to realign the anklebone. And then forgot about the ankle altogether as it was never xrayed again. I was told I could walk on the bone six weeks later. This should never have happened.

I knew there were problems when I went on to win past was taken off and went into a shop to buy a pair of flat shoes. Only watches for the door of the store before I had to return the shoes and asked him to give me my old shoes if they throw it in the dustbin back. A CT scan taken six months after the plaster was taken off was read incorrectly. It made reference to old bones. It made reference to 2 fractions on the right side of the heel bones. I had never broken any bones in my foot before. They misread the CT scan as the right side of the ankle bone that they forgot to operate an x-ray hadn’t healed properly.

It took me four years to get a medic listen to me that the damage to my foot was not on the left side of my right foot but on the right side of my right foot. Al appointments, x-rays CT and MRI scans focused on the left side of my right foot.

Mostly as as the letter was written after my foot with manually manipulated and the joint on the left side of my foot torn apart was that was deemed to be the cause of my mobility restrictions.

I approach legal firm called fletches there is a guy by the name of patient claim line they instructed a so-called medical expert who didn’t bother to read the x-rays. NHS resolution instructed a legal firm who instructed a medical expert couldn’t read the x-rays could only be 50% of the x-rays. When you information came to light back to the hospital he went back to NHS resolution hearing back to the same legal firm who went back to the same medical expert. They asked him to review his expert medical opinion?

Eventually I got copies of the x-rays and approached an independent consultant radiologist and then I went into a state of shock. His reporting of the x-rays and the CT scan was a fracture of the heel extended into the cartilage. That should’ve been operated upon this because you need to minimise the damage to the joint. They didn’t recognise the injury, so it was not treated. All the evidence pointed to damage to the subtalar joint. which the legal firms medical expert had kind of picked up but didn’t bother to draw a conclusion as he wasn’t acting as an independent medical expert. Finally running a report when the husband finally decided to investigate my complaint I realise that the operation to realign the incumbent hadn’t taken place either. So from me being crazy with the damage only been on the left side of my right but we now had a misalign ankle bone that they plan to operate upon and hadn’t damage to the subtalar joint but they hadn’t picked up on because you’re handling MRI scan. Memorise traditionally recognised soft tissue damage and a fracture of the heel bone that extended into the articular cartilage. Medical staff are still telling me I’m wrong hence this blog.

I used to be a fluffy HRH. Lover of shoes and the occasional complaint spat. Seven years later, I’ve single handedly fought, lost but survived so many ink battles against the large nhs organisations that i feel i am now fully fledged ink warrior queen.

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