How to Investigate your healthcare records yourself …

Investigate your own healthcare records

Why categorise, sort, insert?

C is for Categorize …

S is for Sort

Below are 3 name anonymised medical imaging documents from healthcare records.

I is for Insert

This is a screengrab of the Investigate CSI document after the information from the X-rays displayed above have been inserted into the CSI template.

See what information is missing and or doesn’t make any sense

Click here to open the investigate CSI template investigate template.  May I suggest you use one template page per category.

You’ve  sorted and indexed your medical records into categories and discovered some questions about your health care that you would like answered by the NHS complaints department.  So now you can draft your letter of complaint.  Please click here to view The big complaint event page with a complaint template.

Please feel free to share your family friendly, inoffensive to any race, religion or sexual orientation comments in the comment box below.

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