How to Investigate your healthcare records yourself …

Investigate your own healthcare records

Why investigate your healthcare records?

To stop the NHS fact fabrication production line and be ready to tackle the confirmational bias. This should improve your chances of a successful complaint and health treatment.

What is a fact fabrication production line?

The answer is pretty self-explanatory.  A fact fabrication happens when a piece of misinformation is moulded into a credible ’designer’ product by adding a healthcare professional’s signature. Your protestations will be ignored. Future assessments of your health care needs will be based on this fake news. This misinformation will lead to a misdiagnosis.  This will lead to ineffective or no treatment.  No or the wrong treatment will be accompanied by a whole new set of problems.  And the NHS fact fabrication production lines rumbles along.

Don’t gamble with your health. Stop the fact production line in its tracks and investigate your healthcare records. Before you submit your complaint. Don’t forget to request a second opinion of your medical imaging opinion if you have any x-rays or scans of your body.

Confirmational bias

Confirmation bias is generally defined as a tendency to interpret new evidence so that it supports your belief system. In my experience the NHS complaints departments investigations, distort and contort facts to fit with their preconceived conclusions rather than drawing a conclusion based on the available facts.

Is your incompetent strategic or tactical?

Are the alleged ‘deliberately misunderstood ‘ tactics of the NHS complaint departments strategic incompetence or a clever strategy?

Find out if you have a reason to complain about your healthcare treatment?

C is for Categorize …

Remember there is no right or wrong way to categorise your healthcare records. Although I would caution against using date or treatment as categories. As i feel they are to broad and may lead to confusion. A good rule of thumb is to divide your records into categories of appointment type.

For eg. If you attend a physio appointment, then make a physio category. Likewise if you attended A&E, then make an A&E category in a separate sheet of the CSI investigate template Another category would be if you were admitted to a ward, then you could name this category the name of the ward. If you underwent an operation, then you could have an operation category. Don’t forget to make a medication category as often errors occur with medication.

Save or print many copies of the CSIinvestigate template.  Write the name of your category on a single CSI template page.  As you do not know how much information the is for each category, i suggest using a separate CSI template per category.

S is for Sort

Once you have the categories written on separate sheets of the CSI template, then you can start the ardous task of sorting through your health care records. You may need to do this over several days or weeks.

As you read through each paragraph ask yourself is the information that you are reading connected to any of your categories? If it is then find the relevant CSI investigate template category page. Some information may be connected to more than one category. Please remember a lot of the information won’t belong to any category.

This is an example of how to sort through your healthcare records. Below are 3 name anonymised medical imaging documents from healthcare records. That have been sorted into the xray category.

All of this information is connected to the x-ray category.

I is for Insert

Now either write or type the sorted information into the relevant category CSI investigate template sheet. Based on the three images in the sort category above,

place the date of the x-ray in the date column

Place the data belonging to the group category, in this case, the x-ray of the right foot and ankle into the second column.

Place the page number so you can find the information again in column 3.

Repeat this until all of the sorted records have been inserted into the categories of the CSI template document.

This is a screengrab of the Investigate CSI document after the information from the X-rays displayed above have been inserted into the CSI template.

See what information is missing and/or doesn’t make sense

What next?

If you have at least one  unanswered question about your health treatment, then you have a reason to complain. You can copy the complaint template letter or read the explanation of the explanation of the complaint template letter first.

Please feel free to share your family friendly, inoffensive to any race, religion or sexual orientation comments in the comments in the box below.  All comments are held for moderation As you do not need to leave your name or email addresses.

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