NHS Local resolution …

What the NHS complaints departments do best … allegedly.

Okay, so despite your rock solid body of facts. Okay, yes, a whole family of facts! The NHS complaint investigation decided that you did not receive a poor standard of healthcare. Once again, welcome to assumption based evidence, where the assumption is that you and by association, your facts, are wrong …

Don’t despair, there is another complaints department that you can to turn to. The mediation or resolution service.

This site can’t emphasise enough that if your definition of nice people are Fred and Rosemary West, then you and the local resolution chairperson and NHS mediators will most definitely be exchanging Christmas cards or body parts of small animals this year. If Christmas cards or body parts of small animals leave you less than enthralled, then this blog would cautiously advise you to reluctantly accept the offer to attend mediation. You will leave the mediation meeting traumatized but with a tantalising tinsel titbit of very important information that one/ some/all of NHS Complaints team had tried to hide from you.

local resolution

The expectation versus reality… of an Nhs Local Resolution meeting

Expectation: is to try to sort out your problem directly with the NHS organisation.

Reality: can I caution you not to attend a local resolution meeting with the NHS department of your complaint until you are certain that this meeting is not in lieu of them investigating your complaint? As many NHS complaints department employees manage their workload this way

expectation: They claim that this is your opportunity to explain what it is you are unhappy about and what you would like to happen, it gives you, and the NHS organisation, time to listen and discuss the incident. Local Resolution is important because it aims to resolve your concerns and, where appropriate, use your experiences to improve local services.

Reality: They will attempt to to mislead and deceive and they will attempt to put pressure on you to influence the outcome.

Which sounds wonderful, if that was the way the process worked.

So what is local resolution really like and how to survive the process will be updated shortly.

please be patient From the Pen Of is stocking up on ink supplies and will update this page …

Please feel free to share your family friendly, inoffensive to any race, religion or sexual orientation comments in the comment box below.

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