A template complaint letter …

NHS complaint lessons in 5 easy steps …

The advice from this battle weary blogger is to define the parameters that you expect your complaint to be investigated within.

in whose interests is this investigation being conducted ?

The template letter contains a reference to defining both your expectations and the parameters of how your complaint is investigated from the start. So the most important point to make is this investigation must be conduced in your best interests and not in the NHS departments best interests.

You may have to remind them that the NHS is legally obliged to investigate complaints.
One of the best kept secrets …. the NHS does have rules & regs when investigating your complaint. 
The unicorn regulation?

regulation 16 of the 2008 requiring that all complaints are investigated.

The local authority and social services act 2009 sets out standard for investigating complaints.

You have breached Reg 13.3 as you failed to acknowledge my complaint within three working days.

I require the following from your investigation

It is investigated in my best interests and not in the organizations best interests as this practice does not support best practice.

This investigation should not based on assumptions. It needs to be evidence based and by evidence I mean based on the balance of probabilities that it did or did not happen.

I require a through explanation of why documents were accepted or rejected as evidence and a copy of the document/s.

I am unable to accept the following statements:

“in my/our opinion”, as this is not a debate

“I cannot believe I/we did anything wrong” as once again I have little interest in anyone’s belief system and this is an investigation and not the best of its not butter commercial. I am only interested in hard facts.

I expect an acknowledgement within three working days as per reg 16 of the health and social care act .

what is evidence?

this blogger has often received investigation reports claiming that “I or the investigation could find no evidence to support your concern”  that is why the template letter asks for the investigative report to include a robust definition of evidence.  To include all documents they have used as evidence and to inform you why one or all of your documents have failed the evidence tests.

Evidence definition is (…) the available body of facts

assumption based investigations versus evidence based investigations

Is this an investigation or a debate?

likewise this template letter states that it is unacceptable for the report to contain phrases such a subject ‘in my/our opinion’ Or ‘I/we cannot believe’.  This blogger does not believe that opinions or beliefs have a place in an independent evidence based investigation.

From the pen of is filling up on ink supplies … please come back to this page later.

Are the alleged ‘deliberately misunderstood ‘ tactics of the NHS complaint departments strategic incompetence or a clever strategy?

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Please feel free to share your family friendly, inoffensive to any race, religion or sexual orientation comments in the comment box below.

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