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Poor NHS Complaint handling is not a victimless crime: trauma-stress disorder.

Poor complaint handling is not a victimless crime. Now thats a bold statement! But bear with, whilst i explain. How does the complaint handling create trauma? I think your answer that question we need to ask ourselves first of all what is traumatic. Trauma can be caused by an overwhelmingly negative effect that creates a lasting impression on the victims mental and emotional instability. One often thinks of trauma as physical but there is also emotional trauma. Trauma is a normal reaction to experiencing percent or trauma and needs to be permanent. The researchers suggest that the degree to which trauma affects you is how sustained it is. In other words how often you are exposed to this experience appears to be an indicator of how seriously this affect you and impact on your day-to-day life. that help moderate the stress. by the duration, intensity, timing, and context of the stressful experience

to the amount of exposure to repeat it appears the impact your resiliency levels and the production to stress chemicals.

Cue the cortisol. The body’s stress hormones: adrenalin and norepinephrine first (triggering the fight-or-flight-or-freeze response) followed by cortisol (which helps manage the body’s equilibrium in moments of stress). can tolerate these experiences if they are limited in duration and he has caring, supportive adults to help him adapt. With supports, his brain and body can recover from this “tolerable stress” and he won’t be much worse for wear. The real problems arise when one experiences severe or prolonged adversity, especially without adequate support. That’s when stressors can turn “toxic.” As the basic stress response: when the brain signals “Alert!, Alert!” is to release stress hormones which activatie the body’s fight-or-flight response: . Which are an increase in heart rate, blood pressure and breathing. Glucose is released. Toxic stress can occur with frequent, and/or prolonged adversity. Such as emotional abuse, chronic neglect. This kind of prolonged activation of the stress response systems can disrupt the brain architecture and other organ systems.

When toxic stress response occurs continually, or is triggered by multiple sources, it can have a cumulative toll on an individual’s physical and mental health

Positive stress is of mild and brief increases in heart rate and hormone levels are helpful.

Resiliency, Whether or not a person emerges from the crisis depends on the depth and severity of the crisis. The number and severity of crisis. The resiliency in a nutshell is a persons ability to handle adverse events versus the depth and number and severity of the crisis is over a timespan. as the drawing below shows that you can use all your coping skills to get over one crisis and another crisis each time it takes a little bit more energy I love you a lot more skills to cope with the next crisis in the next crisis until it gets to the stage that you’ve drained all your coping capacity and that’s when trauma hits.

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The battered and bruised survivor of a decade long ink missile war against the deceptive tactics of the ruling chieftains of the NHS. When I’m not firing ink missiles, I love observational humour, all forms of irony and multi functional objects. I now plan to use my decade long ‘bad experience’ using the NHS Complaints system. To start a dialogue on the ‘emotional harm’ that using this unregulated system. Can cause. To make others aware of the abuse of the peoples trust and the NHS parliamentary Legislation. By all NHS departments, the NHS Regulators & the NHS Ombuds. Thats if i’m not distracted by sugary treats and sparkly, glittery things.

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