Why Health Organisations need to control.

The ultimate aim of the use of controlling behavoural tactics by the NHS, Regulators & Commissioners. Is to make you question your own judgment. And by association, your sanity.

Healthcare Professionals, who Dominate & Control. Do so, to instil feelings of fear . That the desired health treatment or treatment explanation will not be given.

The Health Organisations do not want to destroy you. Nor is the controlling behaviour always conscious. They behave like this as they want to:
To make things easier for themselves. As they don’t want to spend the time:
• discussing things with the Service User.
• compromising with the Service User.
• to let the Service User know who is in charge.

When their omissions and additions and reality reconstruction, are brought to their attention, They deny the facts. To create doubt and confusion in the mind of the Service User.
If you continue to ‘challenge’ their authority. The emotional control behaviour will escalate. Using:
• denial,
• blame,
• and ‘fake’ news, that you are misinformed.
They do so hoping the Service User will become discouraged and give up or significantly lower their expectations of the outcome.

These techniques include:
* Stating their opinions in a confident, assertive and/or fake compassionate way.

* Making you believe that you “have it all wrong.” So you start to question yourself and wonder if their version of ‘reconstructed’ reality. Is the truth.

• Change the subject. This is donr to interrupt your flow. of thoughts. And distract you from the subject. Which is that they have neglected your needs?
They do this by:
1.Telling you “No, you’re wrong.”
2. “Is that another idea you got from Dr Google?

* If the above fail, then start a campaign to discredit you. As once they discredit you. Any disagreement from you, lacks credibility,

If these don’t work, then they will minimise or trivialize the concerns.

* Occasionally out of the blue, they will Give False Hope. And agree with the Service User or treat them with ‘kindness’ or ‘’fake’ remorse. The Service User thinks:
1. ‘things will get better,”
2. “they are being reasonable, so let’s give it a chance.”
Often, the false hope coincides with a Local Resolution Meeting of some description. They want to butter you up before …escalating the mind control techniques.

If the Health Organisations have successfully controlled the ‘opposition’. The Service User will question if they misunderstood the events. And the figures of authority are right.

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