Intimidation and NHS Treatment, access to redress.

It is an accepted social convention to agree with the opinions of Doctors, and other NHS bodies. As they are ‘experts’ in the health field. It is considered unconventional. If not downright arrogant. For a Service User to disagree with the findings of the Doctor/NHS/NHS Regulating Body. This behaviour is often met with a threat of ‘withhholding’ health treatment. To force the service user to adopt a more ‘agreeable’ attitude.
While, a large percentage of the NHS Departments & Organisations are aware of the impact of their actions. Not all acts of intimidation are conscious. Some Departments and employees, are unaware, that they are being intimidating.
Since the feeling of being intimidated can trigger the ‘fight-or-flight’ response. (As can any real or imagined threat.) This can create further conflict. As the Service User will either ‘fight’ the ‘System’. Or chose to ‘flee’ the environment.
The stakes are high for the Service User. As either decision can result in the withholding of treatment and or a failure for the wrongs to be righted. “

That is why it is so important, to check the accuracy of your healthcare records. Via a Subject Access Request.Then, if necessary, Amend your Medical Records. As the more factual the information. The less ammunition there is for them to use.

Read more on the Legislation designed to prevent this behaviour.

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