Minimisation of your Health concerns.

The destruction of minimisation Health Concerns by the NHS

Minimisation used by the NHS, Regulators & Commissioners to downplay the significance that withholding information, poor treatment or a wrong diagnosis has on a Service User. It is the basis of all NHS Complaint investigations.
When confronted by this organisational bias.

The NHS, Regulators etc, will use dismissiveness to avoid addressing the negative impact. Of, often, avoidable events. Or in situations where complete denial of events is not possible. Reality is ‘reconstructed’ to explain the chain of events. Using a variation of the ‘Outcome would have been the same. No matter what’.

This minimisation of the Service Users concerns by the NHS, Regulators & Commissioners is a miscarriage of Justice. This creates a further loss of trust in the Departments & Organisation funded to prevent this happening. Which in turn, creates further Service User trauma.

That is why it is so important, to check the accuracy of your healthcare records. Via a Subject Access Request.Then, if necessary, Amend your Medical Records. As the more factual the information. The less ammunition there is for them to use.
Click here to read about the Legislation, designed to prevent this happening.

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