The use of the ‘mental filter’ in NHS Decision Making

The use of the ‘mental’ filter in NHS Decision Making

The use of the ‘Mental Filter Decision’ is widespread within the NHS, the NHS Regulators & the NHS Ombuds/ PHSO.

The Mental Filtering of information by the NHS Departments & NHS Regulators includes:
• Paying attention to certain evidence, only.
• Drawing conclusions based on just one part of a situation.

That is why it is so important, to check the accuracy of your healthcare records. Via a Subject Access Request.Then, if necessary, Amend your Medical Records. As the NHS, Regulator & Commissioners operate upon the assumption that Users of the NHS are irrational, unreliable or uneducated. So information from a Service User is ‘ filtered out’ or discounted.
Using the same ‘Filtering’ process. It is assumed that all ‘decisions’ made by Healthcare Professionals are ‘reliable’ As they are made by ‘educated, rational’ individuals. So evaluating the pros and cons of the information. Is considered unnecessary.
To read about the Legislation meant to prevent this behaviour.

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