Character Assignation

Character assassination is deliberate exaggeration and/or manipulation of the facts to present an untrue picture. In the NHS this behaviour causes the NHS, Regulators, Commissioners to think of the Service User in a:

• distorted negative way..

It is difficult to reverse this perception. Since the feeling of being unfairly portrayed is very distressing. To prevent further distress, the Service User will either chose to ‘fight’ to correct this perception.

Or chose to ‘flee’ and not pursue the Complaint.

As either decision can result in the withholding of treatment and or a failure for the wrongs to be righted.

All medical records should contain facts and not personal opinions or character statements. That is why it is so important, to check the accuracy of your healthcare records. Via a Subject Access Request.Then, if necessary, Amend any mention of ‘negative character traits‘ from your Medical Records.

Read more about the legislation to prevent this behaviour.

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