Withholding by an NHS Organisation. Makes the Service User feel
• Ignored.
• They have no do control over the situation.

Any challenges will be met with:
* ‘you’re overreacting,’
‘you don’t understand.’
This gives the impression that
* ‘You don’t deserve to treatment or access to Justice.

One of the reasons it’s so damaging is because the Service User cannot do anything to stop it. They have the choice of:
• disengaging from treatment
• Not following through on the Complaint.
Either option, does not meet their needs.

That is why it is so important, to check the accuracy of your healthcare records. Via a Subject Access Request.Then, if necessary, Amend your Medical Records. As the more factual the information. The harder it will be for them to refuse you treatment or Justice.

Read more on the Legislation designed to prevent this behaviour.

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