What you need to know about a NHS local resolution meeting

So what is local resolution meeting (LRM) really like?

This site can’t emphasise enough that if your definition of ‘nice’ includes dismembering small animals, then attending a LRM will be a ‘nice’ experience. If the thought of butchered animal parts makes you want to gag, then its fair to say that attending a local resolution meeting will cause you stress and distress. If you can put the stress and distress to one side. It will be in your interests to attend. As you will learn tantalising tinsel titbits of information that one/ some/all of the NHS Complaints team tried to hide from you.

What the NHS complaints departments do best … allegedly.

Make sure the local resolution meeting (LRM) is not in lieu of an investigation

A word of caution. As many NHS complaints department employees manage their workload this way. Do not accept an invitation to attend a local resolution meeting until you are certain that this meeting is not in lieu of them investigating your complaint? If you attend a LRM, means that they don’t have to do any work themselves.

The expectation versus reality… of an NHS Local Resolution meeting.

Make sure local resolution is not in lieu of an investigation

expectation: They claim that this is your opportunity to explain what it is you are unhappy about and what you would like to happen, it gives you, and the NHS organisation, time to listen and discuss the incident. Local Resolution is important because it aims to resolve your concerns and, where appropriate, use your experiences to improve local services.

I suggest you request a copy of the local resolution meeting policy before you decide to attend. Also asked them for a list of dos and dance and behaviour expectations. My experience was that if outed. When I attend a local resolution meeting the chair of the meeting that that it was acceptable to cautioned me when I questioned him.

Reality: They will attempt to to mislead and deceive and they will attempt to put pressure on you to influence the outcome. they may attempt to mislead and deceive. I may attempt to diminish your concerns. They may try and ignore your concerns. Do not let them they’re not nice people. They just want to win. Don’t let them.

Don’t attend unless you have agreed to the meeting agenda.

Asked for the meeting agenda to be emailed to you one week beforehand. That way you will have enough time to read through the document and request any amendments.

Be careful as the topics up for discussion in the agenda may have been phrased as a barrier to a successful outcome for you. This is not enough time to be nice this is not the time to be polite. This is the time for you to make your case and set out quite clearly what you

Get written permission to records the meeting

written minutes can miss out the general tone of the meeting therefore say that you want to meet and recorded request this long beforehand. And get the permission to audio record this in writing. If need be CC your MP into the email to request an audio recording. It’s often a good idea to cite ‘reasonable adjustments under the equalities act’. as everything that you need to record the meeting.audio record the local resolution meeting but get written permission beforehand

The minutes may get lost in cyberspace or be misinterpreted. An audio recording is your insurance agonist this happening.

Link to template letter to request recording

Discuss voice recorder app

remind the chair of this meeting to bring all relevant documents with them

Otherwise the local resolution meeting may not be as productive as promised. Or the chair of the local resolution meeting may use the excuse that the documents are not available to say that they can’t proceed any further with the meeting. And that they will get back to you in due course. Due course maybe as long as the rest of eternity.

Don’t agree to anything on the day … wait

They may out pressure on you to agree to terms. Its a stressful situation so don’t make decisions that you may regret.

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