Welcome to Your NHS Complaint survival kit

Suspend all disbelief if you are going to enter the NHS complaints process. Welcome to the world of alternate reality where your hard boiled facts will become little candy floss lies. Where you base your perception of time and deadlines on earth time and the Gregorian calendar. But the evil overlords of the NHS Complaints process are tuned into the extended time zone of Planet Venus. Where the rulers of the NHS complaints system are distant relatives of the dementors who feast on your despair and misery.

No, this is not the opening line of a suspense novel. It is the opening paragraph of a website that hopes to ease the burden of dealing with any NHS Complaints departments by sharing advice, information and resources that i wish I had known when I began my complaint ‘rail replacement service’ journey.

The aims of From the Pen of

The aim of this site is to be a one stop shop for all the advice, resources, information and template letter tools you will need to survive the NHS complaints process.

If you wish to read more about my numerous battles, please click here.How the queen of complaints became the Ink Warrior queen

Don’t give up

Yes! It’s hard to battle with the NHS when they reject your body of facts/evidence. It makes it tough when the NHS complaints departments are constantly changing the goal posts. It takes absolute grit and determination, to pick yourself up when the unaccountable NHS complaints department rejects your concerns by denying they exist. But keep going. Carry on because if you give up, they win. If you surrender, the system will never change. if the system does not change , more people will suffer. Don’t give up!

Who should police the NHS complaints departments?

It’s not up to the NHS complaints industry to police themselves. If change is to happen, then It is up to us, the public to change the process. Please don’t watch from the sidelines. Take a stand and end this abusive process. I am confident that together we can sculpt a better NHS complaints process. Remember, your opinion is important. So please email your thoughts on the NHS Complaints process to your MP, the Health Secretary and the CEO’s of the CQC, the NHS ombudsman ( PHSO) and NHS England.

So if the process is so bad, why hasn’t anyone done anything about this before?

Many have tried, much has been published, some have succeeded in changing parts of the process, yet the NHS complaints process continues unchanged. So please support the aims of this blog by sharing this blog with your friends & families and on social media. Together, let’s improve the quality of the complaint investigations and your NHS complaints experience.

How do I begin my complaint?

  1.  Don’t trust your health to the NHS complaint departments or a legal firm. You need to read your healthcare records carefully and get a second opinion on any medical imaging to see if you have a reason to complain. Or jump ahead to copy and personalise the subject access request letter.

2.  If you have a reason to complain, click on this link to read about how How to Investigate your healthcare records yourself …

3.  If feel you have enough information to submit your complaint then click on this link to view the NHS complaints letter template for you to copy and personalize.  This template incorporates the relevant NHS Complaints legislation and regulations.

4. Click here to find out how to use the Freedom of Information Act in your complaint and to copy and personalize the

5. Click here to find out what the NHS won’t tell you about the Local resolution meetings and the NHS mediation process.

Please feel free to share your family friendly, inoffensive to any race, religion or sexual orientation thoughts in the comment box below.

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