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Sick and tired of not being heard …

Suspend all disbelief if you are going to enter the NHS complaints process. Welcome to the world of alternate reality where your hard boiled facts will become little candy floss lies. Where your perception of time and deadlines are based on earth time and the Gregorian calendar. Where the evil overlords of the NHS Complaints process are tuned into the time zone of Planet Venus. Where the rulers of the NHS complaints system are distant relatives of the dementors who feast on your despair and misery.

The aims of From the Pen Of

No, this is not the opening line of a suspense novel. It is the opening paragraph of a website that aims by sharing this information, information I wish I had have had access to when I first started my complaint journey, hopes to save others from the pain, hurt and frustration of dealing with an organization that should prioritize fixing its own mistakes rather than what strongly emerges as a practice of sheltered employment within the Nhs and the redistribution of public funds earmarked for the NHS to preferred legal firms.

I alternate between periods of red hot all consuming anger directed towards the Nhs and myself for being such a fool to trust the NHS. If I hadn’t trusted the NHS, I could have saved myself. Don’t let this happen to you. I did not want to make this site about my battle with the NHS. The aim of this site is – a survival guide to the NHS complaints process. The information and template letter tools you need to survive the NHS complaints process are intended to support you and make a very difficult process less mentally taxing. However, if you wish to read more about my numerous battles, please click here. ( link to be added soon.)

They reject the overwhelming evidence of your independent expert, insisting that no direct link between your injuries and your present condition has been proved. They dismiss your well researched and presented body of facts suggesting that the injuries were detectable and treatable They will try to ridicule and belittle you for suggesting otherwise. The multiple nhs complaints departments face accusations of a lack of accountability and reject your concerns by denying they exist. They use denial as an aggressive tactic.

answer, which isn’t particularly satisfying, is that people in groups behave differently, and usually worse, in the nhs complaints department, the company has effectively absorbed its employees in its moral universe, the more responsible employees are the company and thus are to blame.Legal firms benefit from the NHS complaints industry. The mutually useful relationship between the legal providers association with NHS, gives these company employees/executives a unique contempt for the people they litigate agaunst .

Although ultimately it’s not up to the NHS complaints industry to police themselves. If change is to come into effect, then It is up to the public to change the process. So the aim of this survival guide to the NHS process is to offer information about the NHS complaints process and hope after reading this information , the only sensible option available is to request a change to the NHS complaints process from the Secretary of Health, your local MP and the CEO’s of NHS England, the CQC and PHSO.

What can I do?

If you have Or are currently engaged in your own battle with the NHS or if you know of a family member or close friend or you feel you that this behaviour is not in keeping with the this if the NHS, then this site asks the reader to help change the way the NHS complaints process works? How? Simply by sharing this site with as many people as possible. With the aim of bringing this to the attention of the mainstream media. It would also be great if you would email your MP, the Health Secretary and the CEO of the CQC, the NHS ombudsman and NHS Resolution.

From the pen of funny
If this is true then the NHS complaints departments are overflowing with management potential

How do I begin my complaint?

Rumour has it that the NHS complaints process has currently suspended the truth on grounds yet to be disclosed.  This blog asks for your support to reinstate the truth to its rightful position within the NHS complaints process. Currently, the default setting for all NHS complaint departments is to ignore anything you make reference to in your complaint that is not backed up by the data contained in your healthcare records.  So if any part of your healthcare records are missing or the information is inaccurate or untrue, then your complaint investigation will be based on either incomplete information or inaccurate information.  Hence the priority of this blog, with your support, is to ensure that all healthcare records are easily amended.  Please support our campaign to bring about these much needed changes.

  1.  Don’t trust the NHS complaint departments or for that matter a legal firm, to investigate objectively.  This blog cannot stress enough the importance of you or an advocate thoroughly examining your own healthcare record before you submit your complaint.  So please click on this link to read more on the Subject Access Request (SAR) and to copy the SAR template. SAR template 1

2.  It can feel overwhelming to read through all of your healthcare records and identify the pertinent facts. So I advise that you click on this link to read about how to categorise, sort and investigate your healthcare records including a template document to assist you with this task.

3.  Okay, you have categorised all the healthcare records into the different categories and analysed the information. You feel you now have enough information to submit your complaint.  Please click on this link to view the NHS complaints letter template for you to copy and personalize.  This template incorporates the relevant NHS Complaints legislation and regulations.  The big complaint event

4.  The deadline to receive the report into your complaint has come and gone three times and finally, you have a copy of the report. Contrary to the evidence you provided in your complaint, the report concludes that the NHS complaints department investigated there colleagues in another NHS department, who have done nothing wrong. are fuming.  How dare they! Once you’ve calmed down, you may start to think ‘I wonder if they’ve made this mistake before?’.  That’s where the Freedom of information (FOI) Act is so useful.  Click here to find out more about the FOI and to copy and personalize the FOI template letter.  Find Out Information with FOI

5. Still, in a state of shock, you complain about the way your complaint was dealt with. At this stage, the NHS complaints department will probably offer you a resolution/mediation meeting to try and re-solve your complaint.  Click on this link to find out what the NHS won’t tell you about the resolution/mediation process.  Not upheld … let’s resolve!

6.  Read and hopefully support this blog’s desire to change current legislation to improve the accuracy of interpreting X-rays and scans by all X-ray and scanning departments affiliated with the NHS.  Medical imaging or Magical Eye Imaging ….

7.  As the lifespan of an online petition is only six months, so to maximize the chances of running a successful campaign, this blog has decided to assess how much interest this topic generates before starting the campaign. Please click on this link to read the progress of the epetition campaign regarding accurate health care records Change, change the info in my Healthcare records … via an e-Petitio,”.

A fun fact …

Wow, the NHS complaints system costs an average of 32 000 000 ( as in million pounds) a year to run. That’s like a whole triple rollover lottery win. Once again, this blog asks the reader to decide if this is good value for money? If you, the reader feel that in its current form, the NHS complaints system is not good value for money, then please share this blogs aims on social media.

So if the process is so bad, why hasn’t anyone done anything about this before?

Many have tried, much has been published yet the NHS complaints process continues unchanged.  So please support the aims of this blog by sharing this blog on social media sites and let’s improve the quality of your healthcare and your healthcare experience.

Please feel free to share your family friendly, inoffensive to any race, religion or sexual orientation journey in the comment box below.

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