Threats cause Stress.

threats causes stress

Scroll down or click to read: 1. Constantly on guard for Threats. 2.Faulty threat response. Faulty Threat Info-graph 3. Threats in a healthcare setting. 4.You are more likely to feel threatened if: 5.What is Stress? 6. Window of Stress Tolerance. Window of Tolerance Info-graph. 7. Physical and emotional symptoms of stress. Physical and emotional stress symptoms info-graph

1️⃣ Constantly on guard for Threats

Where a threat is any person, event or sensation that makes you feel that you are in danger. If enough threats are fired in your direction, you will begun to see threats everywhere and you may start to mistake shadows and reflections for threats. And begin to launch your defence stress missiles before you realise they are not needed. Once the stress missiles are primed and ready for action, it is difficult and takes time to reset the stress missiles. This tricks your brain into believing that safe places&events are dangerous. When you begin to misinterpret ‘safe or good’ behaviours as ‘bad’ or ‘harmful to you, no place is safe and live in constant fear.Causing you to feel things that are out of your control and you can’t cope.

This ‘emergency brake’ activation system is designed to respond to danger to survive and then to return to the rest and digest state. Once the danger has passed. 

2️⃣ Faulty Threat response?

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If the threat system switch is stuck on ‘go’ and you are constantly defending yourself from potential crisis and dangerous situations. It will eventually affect your ability to deal with the threat calmly and rationally.

3️⃣ Threats in a healthcare setting

So under normal circumstances your brain would assess the situation and decide to respond to the threat in a fight or flight option. In a healthcare setting, neither of these options are possible, so the body shuts down. And responds in Appease or Freeze mode.

An event of receiving poor healthcare, being repeatedly misdiagnosed or a complaint not being listened will begin to feel as if you are walking into a war zone every time you have any from of contact with healthcare.

4️⃣ You are more likely to feel threatened if:

▶️ the behaviour/treatment is unexpected.
▶️ you were not listened to so you felt powerless to prevent it
▶️It has happened many times before. 

5️⃣ What is Stress?

Its stressful to enter a healthcare setting if your brain sees healthcare as a threat. You may not be aware of this but in the background your brain is constantly scanning the horizon for threats from other people and/or the environment around you. When your brain decides that the people or environment around you is unsafe. Your body goes into a state of threat preparedness by preparing to fire a bullet or missile of stress hormones in readiness to defend yourself against the enemy.

6️⃣ Window of Stress Tolerance

how you respond to threats depends on the size of your window of tolerance. With a big window you can take on the world.
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Imagine that you had burnt your toast, on a cold winter morning. The wider you can open your window, the quicker you can rid the room of the smell. Close the window to warm up the room. evaporates. If the window is smaller, it will take longer to get rid of the smell of burnt toast. Because the window will be open longer, it will take more time and energy to heat up the room again. This is the window of tolerance effect.

7️⃣ Physical and emotional symptoms of stress

how your body responds to the release of stress chemicals
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▶️ anxiety,

▶️ fear,

▶️ emotional numbness,

▶️ difficulty sleeping,

▶️ nightmares,

▶️ muscle tension,

▶️ to feel agitated or withdrawn.