The size of your Window of Tolerance determines your response to stress

Definition of overwhelm

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1️⃣ what is the Window of Stress Tolerance.

When life is bubbling along when a few irritations are thrown at you, you have enough capacity to cope without much difficulty. This is called having a wide Window of Tolerance.

However, when there are to many demands or Threats, due to a limited capacity, each task becomes more difficult to process. This is the c!osed Window Of Tolerance.

▶️ The window of Tolerance operates in this way

⏯ Threats release stress chemcials:

▶️ Imagine that you had burnt your toast, on a cold winter morning. The wider you can open your window, the quicker you can rid the room of the smell and close the window to warm up the room.

▶️ If the window is smaller, it will take longer to get rid of the smell of burnt toast. Because the window will be open longer, once the smell of burning toast has will take more time and energy to heat up the room again.

▶️ This is the window of tolerance effect and this is how you respond to stress.

▶️ The larger your window of coping skills, the easier you will find it to deal with stressful situations and bounce back from the stress.

▶️ The reverse is true as the smaller your window of coping skills, the more difficult you will find it to deal with any stressful situations and it will take you longer to recover from the stressful situation.

2️⃣. 1️⃣ Window of Tolerance Info-graph

how you respond to threats depends on the size of your window of tolerance. red flag behaviour change from the pen of
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3️⃣ The ‘meh’ of hypo-arousal

hypoarousal low cortisol supplies due to stress

4️⃣ The ‘argh’ of hyper-arousal

the arrghh of hyperarousal

5️⃣How to deal with Overwhelm

▶️ You can increase your confidence and control via visualisations and worksheets.

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