Stress choice, I am Frozen with indecision.

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1️⃣. Stress

When you are in a situation where your body and brain are screaming at you to fight or flight but because your fear of not surviving if you are discharged or treatment is withheld. Is at odds with your ‘fight or flight’ method of survival. As these emotional conflicts feel to overwhelming to deal with and you are scared of saying the wrong thing. Your brain steps in to protect you and so you feel dazed and unable to think or focus. As your brain has shut down some of the language areas. So you can’t speak until you feel less overwhelmed and in control. When the brain reboots your talking brain.

2️⃣ Stress Freeze Mode

Your brain doesn’t know what action to take. So it does nothing and waits for new instructions. This leaves you feeling emotionally paralysed. But it is your amazing brain trying to protect you from coping with the overwhelming feelings that this behaviour from a ‘safe’ professional has generated.

In the freeze response, your brain shuts down and goes into an energy conservation state. You may experience this as

▶️ struggling to find energy and/or

▶️ focus to be productive and/or

▶️ become emotionally distant or numb.

Common hacks to overcome this and create the stress or energy to get things done are;

▶️caffeine, nicotine, other drugs and food

▶️ exercise

▶️ impose deadlines or

▶️ procrastinate

2️⃣. 1️⃣ Freeze mode Info-graph

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2️⃣ This repeated ‘faulty’ freeze stress response takes a toll on the body and can cause:

Freezing is fight-or-flight on hold and it involves similar physiological fight ot flight changes.

2️⃣.2️⃣ How stress makes you feel Info-graph

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Stress causes:

▶️ high blood pressure
▶️ emotions of:

stress freeze response funny red flag behaviour change from the pen of

▶️ anxiety
▶️ depression
▶️ poor sleep
▶️ appetite changes.

To cope you may turn to:

▶️ booze

▶️ prescription or street drugs,

▶️ food

▶️ unhealthy relationships

3️⃣ Tips for healthy stress management.

4️⃣ To read more about the stress of complaint handling, click here

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