The Stress alarm.

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Scroll down or click to read: 1️⃣ What is Stress? 3️⃣ Physical and emotional symptoms of stress. 3️⃣.1️⃣ Physical and emotional stress symptoms info-graph 4️⃣ How to deal with Stress

1️⃣ What is Stress?

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Stress is a balancing act between the demands on your emotions and the resources you have to meet these demands. So every new situation or change will affected how you will cope.

If you find it stressful to enter a healthcare setting, then your brain will view any healthcare related activity as a threat.

This is the kindling concept.

You may not be aware of this but in the background your brain is constantly scanning the horizon for threats from other people and/or the environment around you. To keep you alive. When your brain decides that the people or environment around you is unsafe. Your body goes into a state of threat preparedness by preparing to fire a bullet or missile of stress hormones in readiness to defend yourself against the enemy.

See Window of Stress Tolerance.

3️⃣Physical and emotional symptoms of stress

3️⃣. 1️⃣ Stress response info-graph

how your body responds to the release of stress chemicals info graph
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▶️ Your brain releases chemicals that cause the vagus nerve to make your

?heart beat faster and

your lungs breath in and out faster.

?Your body diverts energy into producing more energy to make your muscles more coordinated and quicker and

?places digestion on hold.

?sends signals to make your pupils larger so you can see more and

? Increases sweat production to cool you down so you don’t overheat from the extra activity.

? sends you into a state of being hypervigilant so you are wide awake and on the lookout for danger

You may confuse this with:

▶️ heart beating faster as fear and anxiety

▶️ the activities placed on hold to help you survive and stay alive as emotional numbness,

▶️ On the lookout for danger as difficulty sleeping,

▶️ The extra energy sent to your muscles as muscle tension,

▶️ breathing faster as feeling agitated or withdrawn. 

4️⃣ How to deal with Stress

▶️ You can increase your confidence and regulation of your stress levels via:

? Distraction techniques

? visualisations

? worksheets.

? The use of essential oils in an electric diffuser. My favourite is the parasympathetic blend of Lime and Clove Essential Oils.

?Grounding techniques (worksheet)

? Breathing


? Yoga


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