The bloodless murder of Character Assassination

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1️⃣Definition of Character Assassination

Character assassination is the deliberate and sustained effort to damage your reputation and discredit you as once your credibility is damaged.  Anything you have to say will be met with doubt and or suspicion.  The infamous “there is no smoke without fire” aspect of human nature.  Complaint Handlers use this behaviour as a way to deny your valid concerns of mistreatment.  Yes, it is ironic that concerns of bad behaviour by professionals are met with more bad behaviour.  I think this is the magic of organisational bias.  As character assassination maintains the status quo of maintaing the power of the organisation/s. 

2️⃣The Behaviours of Character Assassination

2️⃣.1️⃣The Behaviours of Character Assassination info-graph

They do this by using a combination of the Red Flag Behaviours of:

▶️ Reality reconstruction

▶️Intimidation and humiliation

▶️ Control by Ghosting

3️⃣Why Assassinate my Character?

3️⃣.1️⃣ Why Assassinate my Character Info-graph

an overciew of the artform of character assassination

The first question for those who undergo a character assassination is; 

Why are people trying to intentional, destroy, damage… a person’s– character,

 Assassins are not out to get people, they are out to look after #1, i.e., themselves.  

They usually have no conscience or sense of remorse, (see at risk behaviour of accountable cultures).  Character assassination has absolutely nothing to do with the person attacked. It has everything to do with an assassin’s ultimate objective for power.

Character assassination happens through character attacks. 

individuals may be rejected by their professional community or members of their social or cultural environment

4️⃣ How to survive Character Assassination

The narcissist to whom this type of behavior is normal

The individual who is desperate, and has gotten in too deep

There is no dealing with the narcissist. Don’t fight back by attempting to diminish their character as they do the same to you; this is a race to the bottom in which neither of you will come out victorious. For them, the end justifies the means above all else. Instead, defend against the accusations being slung your way by ignoring their claims and holding your head high. Show the world that you are a man or woman of integrity, and that you are proud of who you are and what you stand for.

When fielding an assault on your character from the second individual, someone who does not do this regularly, instead of ignoring their accusations, try to engage with them to find out why they felt the need to attack your character. (This is especially important if you know the individual personally, such as a work colleague.)

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