Talking when the stress fire alarm is ringing.

miscommunication definition red flag behaviour change from the pen of

1️⃣ Miscommunication.

Toxic levels of stress cuts you off from our coping resources, as your brain is so preoccupied with defending you against all the threats being fired at you.  It has no spare resources to help you ‘relax and relate’ to healthcare workers and complaint handlers.

1️⃣.2️⃣ Communication changes Info-graph

communication changes when in fight or flight mode info graph red flag behaviour change from the pen of

⏯ Hearing during a crisis

▶️ When your survial is under threat, the only sounds you listen out for are the sounds the pinpoint the location of the predator.

▶️ any subtle communication points will be lost on you

▶️ Likeiwse any communication that you find threatening will be taken out of context.

⏯ Memory during a crisis

▶️ When your body is in stress or survival mode, it needs lots of energy to save you. It gets this energy by re routing energy away from all non essential. Short term memory is not essential in a crisis, so it is taken off line.

⏯ Clarification of facts during a crisis

▶️ Facts get diluted and overtaken by the emotions you felt during the situation.

⏯ Logic pathways during a crisis

▶️ When your reasoing brain is taken offline as all logic will be diverted to the stress brain.

▶️ So you make decisions that seem perfectly sensible at the time. But when lokking back, seen totally out of character for you.

2️⃣ Dealing with uncertainty and other red flag professional behaviour causes:

So you struggle to read safety cues and tend to define safety on how things panned out in your past. You assume that all future outcomes will be the same as previous outcomes.

Your thoughts tend to be the ‘either-or’ variety. The battle of good versus evil so you feel unsafe with the middle ground of compromise.

miscommunication funny red flag behaviour changes from the pen of

▶️ not being able to concentrate,

▶️ make plans and decisions.

▶️ Or think logically and rationally.

You have a:

▶️ strong sense of guilt and

▶️ swing between blaming yourself and the outside world.

This causes all communication with anybody associated with the NHS, to trigger a flood of the nervous system fight or flight chemicals and rational thought and communication go offline. At this stage all communication is ineffective or even counter productive.

3️⃣ How to deal with miscommunication/s

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