Shattered Assumptions.

scroll down or click on the link to read: 1. Definition 2. What causes Shattered Assumptions? 3. The impact of Shattered Assumptions. 4. How to rebuild Assumptions.

1️⃣ Definition

Another of the knock on effects of suffering from toxic effects is to make you question all of your assumptions about you, other people and challenge your thoughts on the world. The world feels like a very unsafe place. When your cannot trust anything you believed to be true. Hence the term “shattered assumption”.

2️⃣ What causes Shattered Assumptions:

▶️ life-changing tragedies such as
➡️ serious illness or
➡️ an unexpected loss of a loved one.

As these events destroy your faith that the the world is:

▶️ a good and kind place and

▶️ people are treated fairly and justly. 

2️⃣.2️⃣ Shattered Assumptions about healthcare

▶️ that medical and health care is safe and

▶️ no healthcare professional would intentionally harm you.

3️⃣ The impact of Shattered Assumptions

It would be difficult to leave the house if you believed that

▶️ the world was not safe,

▶️ that all people are dangerous, or that

▶️ things and life will get better.

It makes you feel stronger and safer to believe that your efforts and good intentions can protect you from bad things happening to you. So when unexpected and bad things happen to you, this can challenge your beliefs.

Such events could be:

▶️ Unjustified death of a loved one,
▶️ being critically injured,
▶️ or losing a job and not having an income.

If you are generally a strong, optimistic person, the shattering of your assumptions is especially traumatic. As you can no longer rely on the :

▶️ kindness of the world,
▶️ benevolence of people,
▶️ controllability,
▶️ justice,
▶️ randomness,
▶️ self-worth,
▶️ self-control

4️⃣ Rebuilding assumptions

One day, these experiences will make you sit up and question if you trust all of your views on the world.

rebuilding assumptions red flag behaviour change

Although this can cause you a great deal of suffering and confusion. Forming new assumptions and beliefs about the world you live in is possible, as long as you recognise that part of the healing process is to:

▶️ reassess and

▶️ modify your assumptions.

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