Stress choice, please like me so you won’t hurt me.

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1️⃣ Stress

When you are in danger, your body produces stress chemicals. Which allow you to quickly sum up how you can survive this dangerous situation.

2️⃣ Fawn and Appease stress response

When you lack the power or ability to fight or flight. And your safety relies on you speaking or acting so the freeze response is not an option. The survival response of please don’t hurt me, please like me makes use of appeasing the stressor and/or the fawn of telling them how wonderful they are.

2️⃣.1️⃣ Stress Choice Fawn and Appease Info-graph.

fawn appease stress response info-graph red flag behaviour change from the pen of

Appeasing or fawning is to agree with someone else’s point of view. Regardless of what that point of view is. Often by agreeing with the the complaint handlers and treatment providers think is best for you. Or best to protect the reputation of the professional and/organisation.

To go against your nature causes you to feel high levels of stress, So deal with this, you need to learn to suppress:

fawn stress response funny red flag behaviour changes from the pen of

▶️ who you are.

▶️ What you believe in and

▶️ your wants and needs.

It becomes easier to check out emotionally and rely on emotional escape and numbness, than to try to deal with the conflict caused by nit being true to yourself.

Because the less feelings you have of your own, the easier it is to accommodate the emotions of other people. But leaves you with feeling empty inside. 

2️⃣.1️⃣ Appease Stress Info-graphic

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3️⃣ It can take the form of :

This emotional numbness can unconsciously control your body and emotions.

▶️ daydreaming,

▶️ spacing out,

▶️ withdrawing, or

▶️ ‘going blank’.

To overcome feeling numb or empty inside, you may resort to risky and/or high adrenaline. Just to be able to feel alive.

4️⃣ Appease Stress management tips

5️⃣ To read more about the stress of complaint handling, click here

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