I don’t trust you behaviour.

threat of not not being able to trust definition healthcare red flag behaviour change from the pen of

“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.”

To trust a person or organisation you must believe that they are able to deliver on their promises.

Trust lies at the heart of the healthcare-patient relationship. So it is reasonable for you to base your trust on a healthcare professionals ability to treat you and provide treatment for your condition in a knowledgable and safe way. It is also entirely sensible that you would feel unsafe if you were treated by a healthcare who did not have enough knowledge of your condition to offer safe treatment.

One negative experience is unlikely to make a big difference in your confidence in healthcare professionals but:

▶️ repeated experiences

where they prove themselves to be consistently

▶️ untrustworthy and/or

▶️ unsafe,

Can have a major impact on a your trust in the system.

They took advantage of your trust. 

Which turns on your thought hijack tap at:

▶️ your arrogance at daring to suggest that you know more than the healthcare professionals and

▶️ your stupidity and sheer recklessness for criticising a power that is essential to your survival.

Under normal circumstances, you would never go back to this person and or organisation. But as you have very few options with healthcare, you have to go against your intuition and physically return to the dangerous people and unreliable organisation.

Your only way to control the situation and protect yourself is to psychologically withdraw.

threat of not being able to trust funny red flag behaviour change from the pen of

Research shows that the damage of a loss of trust by a trusted healthcare worker has a greater negative impact than other forms of betrayal.
As to learn that healthcare professionals do not have the best interests of the people they treat at heart. Leads one to feel that the world is neither fair nor safe. So a loss of trust leads to a loss of hope.

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