Flying Monkeys & Enablers by silence, the assistants of Bullies.

bully definition red flag professional behaviour from the pen of

1️⃣ Bullies definition

Bullies pick on people who they think are weaker than them. So health complaints handling process is perfect pickings for anyone looking to:

▶️ gain a feeling of power

▶️ and control over you.

1️⃣.2️⃣ Due to:

▶️ a power imbalance

▶️ and the service has something you want. ie treatment or an explanation. 

2️⃣ Bullying in the health service usually takes the form of:

bully funny red flag professional behaviour from the pen of

▶️ character assignation,

▶️ minimisation and

▶️ denial of your concerns.

If you persevere, this red flag professional behaviour is ramped up to:

▶️ blame&shame and

▶️ intimidation tactics.

But they don’t work alone as a lone bully has zero power. 

3️⃣ Flying Monkey’s

Bullies recruit ‘assistants’ who spread their reality reconstruction and discrediting of you via rumours and gossip. Known in psychology terms as ’flying monkeys’. 

flying monkies quote red flag professional behaviour from the pen of

In a healthcare provider setting, ‘flying monkeys’ is the term used to describe healthcare professionals who ‘swing’ from person to person to department. ‘Chattering’ half truths & malicious gossip along the lines of ‘how difficult you are’ and your behaviour makes an already difficult job, impossible. 

▶️ See the 4 D’s of discrediting.

3️⃣.1️⃣ This leads to:

▶️ they feel their behaviour is justified.
▶️ And you question your behaviour and sanity.

The may also take on the role of ‘acting bully’ when the bully is not around.
Their aim is to make you doubt yourself and your facts enough to withdraw your complaint. 

4️⃣ Enablers by silence.

enablers definition red flag professional behaviour from the pen of

The other ‘assistant’ group are the enablers aka the people who

▶️ stand by and see the behaviour

▶️ and do nothing to stop the bullying.

Often out of a fear of confrontation, or angering the bully.

Enablers by silence can be summed up from this quote

All that needs to happen for evil to succeed is for good people (enablers) to stand back and do nothing.

5️⃣ Bullies have Zero Loyalities.

Bullies have no loyalty to anyone but themselves. if you read any whistleblowers account of how they are treated by the NHS. It becomes apparent that they will not hesitate to make the flying monkeys and or enablers scapegoats when and if needed.

6️⃣ How to cope with this behviour

▶️ Don’t dwell on being embarrassed about what they will do or say. Their opinions about you are not important.

▶️ As no matter how much time and effort you put into your answer or complaint, it will never be good enough. Let me repeat that. It will never be good enough.