The Auction of Justice

The Auction of Justice … if you’ve got the dough

You know what they say, “Justice for all… if you’ve got the dough!” ???? But seriously folks, it’s time to take the ‘auction’ out of ‘justice’! You know, justice isn’t something you can just buy at the discount bin, right? It’s not like a new toaster or a pair of socks. Justice is supposed to be available for all, impartial, and all that jazz. No one should be denied justice because they didnt have enough to win the ‘bid’.

That’s why i hope my protest will shake up the system and show the Courts that #JusticeIsNOTForSale. So please donate as every donation &/or share moves me one step closer to nprotesting for a fairer world.

Let’s get loud, get organised, and show them that #JusticeIsNOTForSale. The time for change is now – donate or share this post to join the fight!

To hear why Judge Roberts decision not to hear my Application to exclude the flawed opinion of the orthopaedic surgeon, Paul Cooke, took away my right to a fair trial.

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